Thursday, 28 October 2010

Natural modern design by Lisa Coulburn

Design Refuge has posted their October challenge... What is your design style?

When I design interiors for my clients I always design for their own personal design style so this is a lovely opportunity to share my own design style with you.

My style can be described as natural modern with an eclectic traveller twist and a strong connection to the outdoors. As an interior designer I am also inspired by recycling old materials and the use of non-toxic and natural finishes.

These images (courtesy of photographers Richard Powers & Rhiannon Slatter and Linda from Oeke design) are a collection of natural materials and textures, reclaimed wood and objects that tell stories of past memories and experiences with different cultures. They really sum up my own style which reflects my life, my travels and my connection to nature. They will also be the starting point for my own dream home. 

What's your design style?

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