Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Ideas for reusing and recycling glass bottles and jars

According to the CSIRO, currently households dispose of 90 per cent of their glass in recycling bins but only 40 per cent of Australian glass is reused in glass recycling. Although it does help to rinse bottles out at home prior to recycling, it would be even better if we did not send them to be recycled bin but to reuse them in the home or garden.

If you are a glass and bottle hoarder like myself you will be please to know there are many decorative ways to recycle glass bottles and jars in your home and garden without sending them to the recycle centre. Here are a few examples:

1. Glass jar and bottle storage ideas
They can be used to store haberdashery, craft material, dry foods in the kitchen, home office items such as clips, stamps and rubber bands. I use my jars for pencils and pens.

2. Glass jar photo frames
Instead of buying new frames, how about filling jars with your favourite photos. Full instructions on this lovely idea can be found on Rikki Hibbert's web site.

3. Indoor gardens
This is one of my favorites especially for flowers and herbs from your garden.

4. Glass bottle entertaining
This can be as simple as a few candles or as decadent as a cluster arrangement of tall candles in clear glass bottles, perfect for garden entertaining of festive celebrations.


5. Glass bottle chandelier
If you feel adventurous this may be a nice project to keep you occupied, alternatively they can be purchased from Pottery Barn.


6. Glass jar vases
These are great ideas for weddings.  

7. Glass bottle garden ideas
The garden can also be a great place for decorating your entertaining area. All you need is a few jam jars, a bit of wire and some tea lights... so easy. With larger quantities of beer and wine bottles you could recycle them into garden borders.

Finally, if you have huge quantities of glass bottles you could also use them for the decorating a building, as seen here in this beer bottle Buddhist Temple in Thailand.
Have fun with recycling your glass jars and bottles,

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