Thursday, 29 September 2011

Interior Design Inspiration Journey 2011-12

The time has come for me to break some big news...

The last couple of weeks I have been finishing off our renovations, de-cluttering and tidying up my home (which I am so over!) all in preparation for renting out my house.  

I am so excited to announce that my husband and I will be taking 6 months off in November to travel round Asia... yippee...

Apart for some R & R and climbing a few big mountains my blog will continue as I search for inspiration from:

  • unique homes & retreats
  • local quality furniture, fabrics and materials
  • and finally sourcing interior and furniture items for my own home :)

Who knows... I may even have enough photographic material to launch my first book :)

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Here is a list of countries I will be going in the form of mood boards...

Have fun.

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