Sunday, 4 September 2011

Eclectic Bathroom Ideas :: Small Details

It can be really be hard sometimes to give a new bathroom a sense of identity...

I have certainly found that a challenge with my own bathroom refurbishment - which is finally being priced at the moment... yippee!

When you are refurbishing a bathroom you will naturally wish to install new tap-wear, basins, bath or shower and then tile the floors and walls. In some cases this can leave you with a room that feels cold and lacks identity.

So here's a few small furniture and decoration details that I have left over from my own bathroom inspiration research that can easily be added to give character and warmth to a new bathroom.

Love the warm rug on the stone floor, the small pots and the off white colour palette!

Love the basin and the small timber stools!

Love the bathroom with a timber floor and the use of natural finishes...
Have fun.

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