Sunday, 13 February 2011

Kitchen design ideas :: New, recycled or free standing

Somehow we all end up gathered in the kitchen…

If you are anything like me and food and entertaining is the focal part of your home lifestyle then your kitchen will be your pride and joy and a focal part to your living, dining and outdoor entertaining areas.

If you are considering an upgrade on your appliances or a major renovation and new kitchen design then there are many things to consider that could help you save money, keep your energy bills down and create a new greener kitchen.

Over the next few weeks I will talk to you on how to create a greener kitchen that still looks stylish and also pass on some tips that may help you save a few dollars whilst doing it.

1. New

If you choose to purchase a new fitted kitchen here are a few simple rules:
  • Source all materials locally or recycle materials for a different use like recycled timber for kitchen cupboard doors.
  • Avoid particle board and fibrebaord and insist on low VOC cabinetry and paint finishes.
  • Consider more durable and water resistant bench tops from materials like recycled composite stone.

If you are removing an older kitchen you could consider asking a local kitchen recycle centre to collect your kitchen for reuse.

2. Recycled

Another option is to source a kitchen from a recycling business or online and adapt it to your kitchen space. Talk to your cabinet maker to see how an older kitchen can be fitted to your kitchen space.

3. Upgrade

Depending on the condition of your kitchen you could opt for some small upgrades like changing the splash back, replacing the counter top or changing the door handles. Again try to source all materials locally or use recycled materials and opt for low VOC materials.

4. Old and recycled free standing kitchen

Finally you could choose a more relaxed style of kitchen, one that is not a uniform fitted kitchen but instead one that shows character and history and is made up from recycled elements. Free standing kitchen items are also much more versatile.

Many things can be used to make up a free standing kitchen. For example an old wardrobe can be used as a pantry, an old palette can be used on the wall as shelving and miss matched chairs can create personality around your kitchen dining table.

Future Posts

These are just a few things to think about when you start to plan for your new kitchen and over the next few weeks I will look at each of these areas plus more in greater detail.

Have fun.

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